Fishing Oregon Fishing Guide Service is located on Tillamook Bay, one the worlds premier Chinook Salmon fisheries.. We specialize in Tillamook Bay fishing for Fall Chinook, Spring Chinook on the Trask River and Wilson River, and Winter Steelhead fishing. Tillamook Bay offers Oregon fishing vacation opportunities year round. The King Salmon and Winter Steelhead fishing is some of the best in the world. We are located just an hour and a half from Portland Oregon, on Oregon’s famous Tillamook Bay. If you’re looking for an unforgettable Salmon or Steelhead fishing experience, Tillamook Bay is the place!

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Tillamook Bay has for years been one of the most consistent king salmon fishing areas on the entire west coast. It’s tributaries, the Miami River, Kilchis River, Wilson River, Trask River, and Tillamook River (listed north to south) receive a yearly spawning escapement that averages around 30,000 king salmon. Stuff that many Chinook Salmon in an area the size of Tillamook Bay and you’ve got yourself a serious Oregon King Salmon fishing destination.

Not only is Tillamook Bay famous for it’s Oregon King Salmon fishing, it also resounds as one of the best spots on the west coast to tussle with a trophy class Oregon king salmon over 50 pounds. From mid-September to as late as Christmas anglers come for Tillamook Bay fishing looking for a crack at a tackle-busting Oregon king salmon. Guide Tim has lived on Tillamook Bay and made a living guiding customers into Oregon king salmon fishing on Tillamook Bay for nearly 20 years.

Like most successful Tillamook Bay fishing guides Tim takes a technical approach when hitting Tillamook Bay in search of king salmon. He watches the tides and the movement of King Salmon with a keen eye. It’s no surprise that early in the season most of the king salmon fishing will occur lower in Tillamook Bay, with salmon moving in and out with each tide and their feeding patterns still tuned primarily into herring. As the King Salmon acclimate to Tillamook Bay and begin to move upstream, however, hardware like spinners and Kwik-fish begin to dominate the scene.

Spinner fishing really begins to shine in the upper reaches of Tillamook Bay as the salmon move up the bay. Instead of keeping rods in holders anglers fishing spinners need to be hanging onto their rods and ready to strike at all times. A slack line bite is just that, the line will go limp and the tip will come up, as the salmon picks up the spinner going the same direction as the boat.

Jet boats and shallow draft skiffs get the job done here due to shallow water. Bank fisherman can also score in Tillamook Bay by parking along the Bay Ocean Rd and float fishing eggs along the bay wing dikes.

Garibaldi Marina is located in the Tillamook Bay boat basin right next to the launch and is a great source for Tillamook Bay salmon fishing information.
Garibaldi Marina (800-383-3828/503-322-3312)

 Tips from Tillamook Bay Fishing Guide Tim:

  • If salmon fishing is slow while trolling with herring try mixing up the rigging style (whole, cut plug, nose clip, etc.) to see if the salmon want a different action to the bait.
  • Run a double bead chain setup at all times when trolling herring in Tillamook Bay to keep from fowling up
  • Use a syringe tube or ball point pen tube to protect bead chains from fowling. Bead chain protectors can also be purchased at local sporting goods stores.
  • Keep the rod in the holder when fishing for herring and wait for the rod to bury and stay before grabbing the rod.
  • When spinner fishing hold the rod and set the hook immediately if a slack line bite occurs
  • Keep hands clean or wear gloves when handling tackle and bait.
  • When weeds are prevalent on the bay try to fish the edges where clean water can be found
  • Be observant and watch for nets flying.
  • Keeps hooks razor sharp and check leaders after landing fish.
  • Use extreme caution when fishing around the entrance to Tillamook Bay (The Jaws) or outside in the ocean. Ocean swells and extreme tidal movements can make this area very dangerous.
  • Wash spinners and plugs in Joy soap after each King  Salmon is landed.
  • Work hard and be persistent.

Humans have an amino acid in our skin called Serine that repels fish, especially scent-sensitive fish like King Salmon. Successful Tillamook Bay fishing guides like Tim either wear latex gloves to keep from leaving this scent on their baits or they wash their hands religiously.

Tim is a full time Oregon fishing guide with over 20 years of experience on Oregon Tillamook Bay. 

  • Tillamook Bay Fall King / Chinook Salmon fishing
    Sept. – Dec.
  • Trask River Fall King /Chinook Salmon fishing
    Sept. – Dec.
  • Wilson River Fall King /Chinook Salmon fishing
    Sept – Dec
  • Tillamook Bay Spring Chinook Salmon fishing
    April – June
  • Trask River Spring Chinook Salmon fishing
    April – June
  • Wilson River Spring Chinook Salmon fishing
    April – June
  • Winter Steelhead Fishing / Trask and Wilson Rivers
    Dec.- April

The summer months find Tim fishing in Southern Southeast Alaska at the  Fireweed Lodge.